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Drunker than Trump

I hear Donald Trump doesn’t drink. Good on him.

When my buddy Donnie drinks he sounds just like Trump, when Trump is sober!

He says stuff like “I wanna make a marigold grape again.” and then falls into a flower pot.

My buddie Donnie dyes his hair with orange peel and then rubs the rest on his face because he wants to be, in his words, “orange like Trump”.

Donnie loves Trump so much he built a wall around his bedroom to keep out undesirables. After he finished it, he realized he now has to sleep outside in the dog house, ’cause he can’t get through the wall.  A little bit of an oversight there Donnie!

Lately Donnie has been drinking a whole lot and then repeating Trump speeches word for word. They sound almost as good as the original, except for the slurring, of course.

All in all, my friend Donnie the drunkard has a lot in common with Trump since he thinks only he can solve the problems of the world and if he was president, he would do it in three days flat. Fortunately, it is unlikely he will ever get elected to anything other than the local garbage quality committee.


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I love to read and play fun games. My favorite foods are hot dogs, cheezies and skittles.
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