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Living the Pseudolife

Once again the Moople Academy for Advanced Learning (MAAL) is offering a valuable new course. In today’s social media world it is important to understand what really matters.

Let’s face it, even if your dog dies, your spouse left you and you are falling apart, none of that really matters as long as your selfies and other social media posts make you and your life look really good. At the Moople Academy for Advanced Learning we call this “Living the Pseudolife“. Why bother with a real life, when you can have a pseudolife that looks awesome?!!

The course we (MAAL) have developed will teach who how to maintain focus on what matters most (social media) and generate a slew of awesome posts and pictures that ensure you have the pseudolife that others will think is your real life. After all, as long as the rest of the world thinks you are happy and successful, you are happy and successful!

There is no need to put in all the effort to be a better person or have a better life, just make sure your social media gives the right impression and all is well!

I know all of you are excited to learn how to make an awesome pseudolife and we at the Moople Academy for Advanced Learning will guide you ever step of the way.

Here are a list of topics we cover in our Living the Pseudolife course.

  • It’s not fake if it looks real!
  • Hanging out in cool places for cool pics
  • Taking awesome selfies
  • If it sucks, don’t mention it!
  • Hanging out with other pseudolifers

… and that’s just the beginning! We will have an advanced course coming soon that will make you look like you won the lottery even if you haven’t got a dime!

Once again the Moople Academy for Advanced Learning is leading the way! You can have the life you want by creating the pseudolife you want!

See you on social media real soon!

Fred Moople
President and now Emperor

I may look like a geek, but really I am a super cool dude!
I love to read and play fun games. My favorite foods are hot dogs, cheezies and skittles.
I have an I.Q. of 185

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