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Mar-a-Lago – Bar Edition

Hello all, it’s your old pal Donnie Drunkard coming at you from the Mar-a-Lago Bar Edition. You may be wondering, what the hell is that? Let me tell you all about it.

I have been hearing all about this Southern Whitehouse thing, and for a while, I thought they had moved it down to Florida, or they had made some kind of model. It turns out, none of that is true, the Southern Whitehouse is Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Club.

The good news is that my pal Donald didn’t have to continue his lawsuit to get a no fly zone around the Mar-a-Lago, since now that he is President, they can’t fly there anyway due to the enhanced security when he is in residence. Hey, but that’s a whole other story.

To honor my pal Donald Trump, I have created the Mar-a-Lago Bar Edition right here at Bob’s Beer and Billiards. When I am in residence here, no one is allowed to vomit near my bar stool. Pretty cool eh?

I had Bob add a lot of gilt paint to the area around my bar stool and bring in a couple of hookers from time to time. I feel just like a king, I mean like King Trump. It really is looking up around here, now if I could just get the airplanes to stop flying overhead when I am here (which is pretty much all the time).

When I have my business meetings, I make sure all my buddies get premium service and pay double for all their drinks. It’s the least they can do now that I am a celebrity.

We often raise are glasses and cheer out “Heil Trump”. Relax, it’s just a joke, you losers.

Ok see you next time!

Your now celebrity pal, Donnie Drunkard.



Donnie Drunkard stumbled into the Old Strathcona offices on his way to the bar and he has never left. Too bad we decided to put a keg in the coffee room. Donnie sees the world through an alcoholic haze, and is convinced that he is a stable genius.

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