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Democracy Now! is an independent daily TV & radio news program, hosted by award-winning journalists Amy Goodman and Juan González. We provide daily global news headlines, in-depth interviews and investigative reports without any advertisements or government funding. Our programming shines a spotlight on corporate and government abuses of power and lifts up the stories of ordinary people working to make change in extraordinary times. Democracy Now! is live weekdays at 8am ET and available 24/7 through our website and podcasts.

Since last spring, nearly 42,000 asylum seekers have arrived in New York City, many sent to the state on buses against their will. The city says it has opened 77 emergency shelters and four Humanitarian Emergency Response and Relief Centers, but asylum seekers say the city has dragged its feet on providing job permits and permanent and humane housing. Many are now peacefully protesting outside a hotel not far from Times Square, where they were living for weeks until city officials suddenly evicted them over the weekend to move them to a remote warehouse facility in Brooklyn that contains 1,000 cots and lacks heating. Mutual aid organizers have rallied with the asylum seekers and vowed to fight the evictions. For more, we’re joined by Josh Goldfein, a staff attorney for the Legal Aid Society’s Homeless Rights Project, and Desiree Joy Frías, a community organizer with South Bronx Mutual Aid.
Posted: February 1, 2023, 1:47 pm
Mourners gathered in Memphis, Tennessee, Wednesday for the funeral of Tyre Nichols, who died on January 10, three days after being severely beaten by five police officers following a traffic stop near his home. The funeral will be held at Mississippi Boulevard Christian Church. Expected attendees include Vice President Kamala Harris and relatives of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor, two other Black Americans who were killed by police violence. We discuss national responses to police violence and calls to abolish the police with two guests. Justin Hansford is a professor at Howard University School of Law and the founder and executive director of the Thurgood Marshall Civil Rights Center. Hansford is also the first American nominated and elected to the United Nations Permanent Forum for People of African Descent. Andrea Ritchie is a lawyer and organizer who has worked on policing and criminalization issues for over 30 years. Ritchie is the author of several books, including, most recently, “No More Police: A Case for Abolition,” co-authored with Mariame Kaba.
Posted: February 1, 2023, 1:14 pm
Community Leaders Join Tyre Nichols’s Family at Historic Mason Temple on Eve of His Funeral, Protests Erupt After California Police Shoot and Kill Black Man in Wheelchair, Atlanta Moves Ahead with “Cop City” in Face of Growing Protests, Democratic Lawmakers Urge Biden to Halt Peru Security Aid as Protester Death Toll Reaches 58, 4 Suspects in Assassination of Haiti’s President Moïse Transferred to U.S. to Face Criminal Charges, At Least 166 People Died in Afghanistan in January Due to Winter Weather, U.S. Accuses Russia of Violating New START Amid Ongoing Threat of Nuclear War, George Santos Recuses Himself from House Cmtes Pending Investigations as His Treasurer Resigns, California Unable to Find Compromise with 6 Other Western States on Colorado River Plan, EPA Issues Clean Water Act Protections for Alaska’s Bristol Bay, ExxonMobil Makes Record-Breaking $59 Billion in Profits, Greenpeace Workers Climb Aboard and Occupy Shell Platform Headed to North Sea, Emissions Gap Between Rich and Poor in Same Country Greater Than Emissions Gap Between Countries
Posted: February 1, 2023, 1:00 pm
As House Speaker Kevin McCarthy and President Biden prepare for their first face-to-face meeting this week to discuss raising the debt ceiling, we speak with Marxist economist Richard Wolff about why the limit on the federal government’s borrowing lets politicians avoid making hard choices about taxing the wealthy. House Republicans are pushing for major spending cuts as part of any deal to raise the federal government’s $31.4 trillion borrowing limit. “It’s 99% theatrics,” says Wolff, professor emeritus at the University of Massachusetts Amherst and a visiting professor in the Graduate Program in International Affairs of The New School. Wolff also discusses the economic impact of the Ukraine war.
Posted: January 31, 2023, 1:49 pm
We look at a new investigation into the collapse of an LGBTQ+ unit at the massive Rikers Island jail in New York City that was meant to help protect incarcerated trans women, stranding many in male units where they have been harassed and raped. The changes at Rikers came after Mayor Eric Adams appointed a new jails commissioner who pushed out leaders supportive of the unit and shelved a draft policy directive aimed at getting more trans and gender-nonconforming detainees into gender-aligned housing. Data shows trans women jailed in men’s facilities are many times more likely to be sexually assaulted than other incarcerated people. We are joined by George Joseph, a senior reporter at The City focusing on criminal justice and courts, who exposed the collapse of the unit, and by Robin Robinson, a former services coordinator with the LGBTQ+ unit at Rikers who quit in protest this past June.
Posted: January 31, 2023, 1:32 pm
Memphis police have revealed a sixth and a seventh officer have been placed on administrative leave in addition to the five fired officers over the death of Tyre Nichols, after Nichols was brutally beaten at a traffic stop. On Saturday, Memphis disbanded the police unit responsible for the killing, known as SCORPION, which stood for “Street Crimes Operation to Restore Peace in Our Neighborhood.” We look more closely at these so-called special police units in cities nationwide that operate with little oversight with investigative reporter Radley Balko, author of “Rise of the Warrior Cop: The Militarization of America’s Police Forces” and of the criminal justice newsletter, The Watch. His opinion piece for The New York Times is headlined “Tyre Nichols’s Death Proves Yet Again That 'Elite' Police Units Are a Disaster.”
Posted: January 31, 2023, 1:13 pm
In New York, asylum seekers are continuing to protest outside a Manhattan hotel where they’d been living for weeks, after city officials suddenly evicted them over the weekend to move them to a remote camp in Brooklyn with a thousand cots and no heat. We hear from migrants and activists fighting the eviction.
Posted: January 31, 2023, 1:10 pm
Antony Blinken Meets Palestinian Leaders After Reiterating “Ironclad” U.S. Support for Israel, Taliban Offshoot Claims Responsibility for Bombing of Pakistani Police Compound, Amnesty: Iranian Protesters Were Denied Fair Trials and Tortured Before Their Death Sentences, White House Will End COVID-19 Emergency Declarations in May, Memphis Fire Department Terminates 3 Who Responded to Tyre Nichols’ Violent Arrest, Family Calls for Federal Civil Rights Probe into Newark Police Killing of Carl Dorsey, New Zealand Prime Minister Blames Climate Change for Record Flooding, Missing Mexican Environmentalists’ Families Accuse Mining Company of Complicity, Manhattan DA Revives Probe into Trump’s Hush Money Payments to Stormy Daniels, French Labor Unions Lead Massive Protests Against Proposed Cuts to Pension Benefits, U.K. Unions Prepare Mass Protests as Conservative MPs Support Anti-Strike Legislation
Posted: January 31, 2023, 1:00 pm
A New Jersey grand jury has decided not to indict Newark Police Detective Rod Simpkins in the fatal shooting of an unarmed Black man named Carl Dorsey on New Year’s Day 2021 in Newark, New Jersey. The decision last week came after an investigation by the state attorney general into Dorsey’s death has dragged out, even though his family says the facts are clear: He was shot dead by Simpkins, who was undercover and in an unmarked police minivan and in plainclothes when he arrived at the scene after reportedly hearing gunshots. Within seconds of exiting his car, Simpkins fired his gun at Dorsey, and it is unclear if he first announced himself as a police officer. Now Larry Hamm, chair of the People’s Organization for Progress, says he and the family of Dorsey are calling for the U.S. attorney to launch a civil rights investigation into his death.
Posted: January 30, 2023, 1:56 pm
Memphis police released disturbing footage on Friday showing the fatal beating of Tyre Nichols by five former police officers who now face murder charges over the 29-year-old Black father’s death. The videos show officers kicked, punched, electrocuted and struck Nichols with batons for several minutes while he offered almost no resistance. It took more than 22 minutes for medics to appear on site and treat Nichols, who died three days later from his injuries. Memphis has since disbanded the SCORPION police unit that the five ex-officers belonged to and which was known for its aggressive practices, but activists are calling for deeper changes, including the end of qualified immunity that shields police officers from being sued by victims and their families. Larry Hamm, chair of the People’s Organization for Progress, and DeRay Mckesson, executive director of Campaign Zero, join us for a discussion about Tyre Nichols, police violence and more.
Posted: January 30, 2023, 1:42 pm
U.S. Secretary of State Tony Blinken is in Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories amid an alarming rise in violence, with Israel killing at least 35 Palestinians since the beginning of January. The deadliest incident occurred on Thursday, when Israeli forces raided the Jenin refugee camp in the West Bank, killing 10 people, including two children — the deadliest Israeli raid in the West Bank in two decades. A day later, a Palestinian gunman shot dead seven people in occupied East Jerusalem, targeting worshipers observing the Sabbath. Israelis living in illegal settlements in the West Bank responded by carrying out scores of attacks on Palestinians as the far-right national security minister, Itamar Ben-Gvir, vowed to make it easier for Israelis to get guns. We speak with Israeli activist and journalist Orly Noy, in Jerusalem, and Palestinian American scholar Rashid Khalidi, the Edward Said professor of modern Arab studies at Columbia University.
Posted: January 30, 2023, 1:16 pm
Blinken in Middle East Amid Mounting Violence Following Jenin Raid and Attack on Jewish Worshipers, Iran Says It Foiled Israeli Drone Attack on Isfahan Military Site, Suicide Bomber Kills Dozens, Wounds 150 in Attack on Mosque in Peshawar, Pakistan, Memphis Police Department Releases Video Showing How Officers Killed Tyre Nichols, Ukraine Calls on Allies to Send Long-Range Missiles and Fighter Jets, OPCW Blames Syrian Military for Chlorine Gas Attack on Douma in 2018, Tunisians Boycott Parliamentary Elections Following President Kais Saied’s Power Grab, Maldives’ Mohamed Nasheed Refuses to Concede Primary Election Defeat, Claiming Fraud, Brazil: Lula Declares Public Health Emergency for Yanomami, Accuses Bolsonaro of “Genocide”, Utah Bans Gender-Affirming Care for Transgender Youth, Mass Shooting Near Beverly Hills Is California’s 6th in 13 Days, Jan. 6 Rioter Who Assaulted Brian Sicknick Sentenced to 80 Months in Prison
Posted: January 30, 2023, 1:00 pm
A day after prosecutors charged five former Memphis police officers with murder over the fatal beating of Tyre Nichols, we speak with his parents, RowVaughn and Rodney Wells, about their drive to seek justice for their son. “He had a beautiful soul, and he touched everyone,” RowVaughn Wells says of her son. Nichols was a 29-year-old Black father, amateur photographer and longtime skateboarder who died January 10 from kidney failure and cardiac arrest, three days after he was brutally beaten by the five officers during a traffic stop. The officers were fired earlier this month and indicted on Thursday with second-degree murder, kidnapping and other charges for their role in Nichols’s death. We also speak with civil rights attorney Ben Crump, who is representing the family.
Posted: January 27, 2023, 1:35 pm
Amid nationwide protests, prosecutors have charged five former Memphis police officers with murder in the death of Tyre Nichols, who died January 10 of kidney failure and cardiac arrest after a vicious beating three days earlier during a traffic stop. Memphis and other cities across the U.S. are expecting mass protests against police violence over the weekend, with body-camera footage of the deadly traffic stop set to be released Friday evening. We go to Memphis for an update from community organizer Amber Sherman, a member of the Memphis chapter of Black Lives Matter, who says police brutality is nothing new for many residents. “It’s literally just being caught on camera,” Sherman says. “We have experienced this same kind of violence over and over and over again in our communities.”
Posted: January 27, 2023, 1:15 pm
Five Fired Memphis Police Officers Arrested for Murder of Tyre Nichols, Georgia Gov. Declares State of Emergency, Calls Up National Guard Amid “Cop City” Protests, Haitian Police Blockade Port-au-Prince Streets After Gangs Kill 14 Officers, Israel Bombs Gaza Strip One Day After Israeli Forces Kill 9 in West Bank Raid, Democratic Lawmakers Slam Biden for Mass Expulsion of Migrants at U.S. Border, NYT: Bill Barr Pushed Trump-Russia Investigator to Use False Russian Intelligence Claims, Chevron to Buy Back $75 Billion in Own Stock After Posting Record Profits in 2022, Dutch Police Arrest Climate Activists Ahead of Planned Peaceful Protests, 450+ Groups Condemn Choice of Oil Executive to Lead COP28 U.N. Climate Summit, ICC Resumes Probe of Philippines’ Deadly “War on Drugs”, California Farm Where Four Were Murdered Had Another Shooting Last Year, President Biden Repeats Call for Assault Weapons Ban, Warns Against Anti-Asian Hate
Posted: January 27, 2023, 1:00 pm
A new Biden administration plan announced Wednesday aims to make rent more affordable and protect tenants’ rights. This comes as rental costs in the United States rose nearly 25% between 2019 and 2022. It also comes as investors bought nearly a quarter of all single-family homes sold in 2021, making home ownership increasingly impossible for people forced to spend much of their money on ever-increasing rent. Housing activists pushed for the “Blueprint for a Renters Bill of Rights” in the administration’s finalized plan to regulate predatory rental practices and provide relief for tenants, but say what was ultimately included is full of weak commitments and a lack of federal enforceability, while landlords retain their power to set prices and hoard housing stock. We discuss the affordable housing crisis, tenant organizing and the limits of Biden’s new plan with Tara Raghuveer, Homes Guarantee campaign director at People’s Action.
Posted: January 26, 2023, 1:48 pm
Ukrainian Associated Press journalist Mstyslav Chernov joins us for an in-depth interview about how he and others risked their lives to document the Russian invasion. He is the director of the new documentary, “20 Days in Mariupol,” which has just premiered at the Sundance Film Festival. It tells the story of how Chernov and his colleagues documented the first three weeks of Russia’s siege of the strategic eastern port city of Mariupol, even after many international journalists had fled. “The whole city spiraled down into complete chaos. People were in shock, in panic. They didn’t know what to do,” says Chernov, whose team was helped by locals in evading Russian soldiers and later escaping the city with their footage. The film is a co-production by the Associated Press and PBS Frontline.
Posted: January 26, 2023, 1:16 pm
Israeli Forces Kill 9 Palestinians, Including Elderly Woman, in Raid on Jenin, Russia Fires Cruise Missiles Across Ukraine After Biden Agrees to Send M1 Tanks, Peruvian Lawmakers Move to Impeach Dina Boluarte as Protesters Reject “National Truce”, Suspect in Half Moon Bay Mass Shooting Charged with 7 Murders, Denied Bail, Vice President Harris Visits Memorial for Monterey Park Shooting Victims, Schools Superintendent Fired over Missed Warnings After 6-Year-Old Shoots Teacher, Kevin McCarthy Denies Committee Assignments to Democratic Reps. Schiff, Swalwell, “Heinous, Reckless and Inhumane”: Memphis Police Chief Condemns Tyre Nichols’s Killing by Officers, Former Columbia University Gynecologist Robert Hadden Found Guilty of Sexual Abuse, Meta Reinstates Donald Trump’s Facebook and Instagram Accounts, Indian PM Narendra Modi Moves to Censor BBC Documentary , “Being Homosexual Is Not a Crime”: Pope Francis Urges Repeal of Anti-LGBTQ Laws, Archbishop of Canterbury Says Church of England Won’t Recognize Same-Sex Marriages, GOP Rep. George Santos Admits “Personal” Loans to Campaign Came from Other Sources
Posted: January 26, 2023, 1:00 pm
Civil right advocates, educators and lawyers, like Ben Crump, are fighting Florida education officials who rejected a new advanced placement course for high school students on African American studies. Officials say the course “lacks educational value,” and Republican Governor Ron DeSantis claims the course violates state law. Opponents object to the course’s inclusion of works by scholar and former Black Panther Angela Davis, and of material on intersectionality, reparations and Black queer history, among other topics. Last year, Florida passed a so-called “Don’t Say Gay” law that prevents Florida teachers from discussing sexuality and gender identity in classrooms. We go to Miami and Tallahassee to speak to Dr. Steve Gallon, a lifelong educator and a former teacher, principal and superintendent, who now serves as an elected school board member for Miami-Dade County Schools, and Democratic state Senator Shevrin Jones, the first openly gay person to serve in the state’s Senate.
Posted: January 25, 2023, 1:42 pm
On Tuesday, the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists reset the Doomsday Clock for 2023 to 90 seconds to midnight, warning the world is closer to global annihilation than ever before, in part due to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Since 1947, the Bulletin has maintained a Doomsday Clock to illustrate how close humanity is to the end of the world due to existential threats including nuclear war and the climate emergency. We speak with Frida Berrigan, longtime peace activist and nuclear weapons abolitionist, whose new cover story for In These Times is “How to Avoid Nuclear Stand-Offs That Threaten the Entire World.”
Posted: January 25, 2023, 1:33 pm
After weeks of pressure from international allies, Germany has announced it will send 14 German-made Leopard 2 battle tanks to Ukraine and allow other NATO countries to send more German tanks to help Kyiv in its fight against Russia. The announcement came after the United States agreed to also send a shipment of M1 Abrams tanks to Ukraine. For more, we speak with lawmaker Sevim Dağdelen, a member of the Left Party in the German parliament who says the majority of the German public wants more diplomatic efforts to end the conflict. “It concerns me a lot that many so-called progressives in the United States are supporting this line by the Biden administration to push Germany more and more into this proxy war,” says Dağdelen.
Posted: January 25, 2023, 1:11 pm
Germany and U.S. to Send Heavy Tanks to Ukraine, Talks on Swedish and Finnish Bid to Join NATO Delayed Amid Tensions with Turkey, U.K. Says 200 Asylum-Seeking Children Are Now Missing, New Zealand Swears In Chris Hipkins as New Prime Minister, Judge Resumes Probe into 2020 Beirut Blast, Reportedly Charges Ex-PM Hassan Diab with Homicide, U.N. Condemns Assassination of Eswatini Activist, Opposition Politician Thulani Maseko, Prominent Cameroonian Journalist Martinez Zogo Found Murdered, Florida Rejects New African American Studies Course; Manatee County Teachers Cover Books After New Ban, Classified Documents Found at Mike Pence’s Home, DOJ Sues Google in Bid to Break Up Digital Advertising Monopoly, Bipartisan Senators Blast Live Nation for Squeezing Out Competition in Live Event Market, FDA Proposes New Limits on Lead in Commercial Baby Food, Walmart Raises Minimum Wage to $14/Hour, Victor Navasky, Journalist, Author & The Nation Publisher, Dies at 90
Posted: January 25, 2023, 1:00 pm
We speak with The Intercept’s Jeremy Scahill about the brewing scandals over the handling of classified documents by President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump, and how they “point to deeper systemic problems with Washington’s obsession with secrecy.” While the details differ, Scahill says both cases show powerful players in Washington who routinely mishandle classified documents face different rules than whistleblowers who have endured the full brunt of the law for exposing government secrets in the public interest.
Posted: January 24, 2023, 1:43 pm
As California is reeling after three mass shootings over the past three days, we go to Oakland to speak with Connie Wun, co-founder of the AAPI Women Lead organization and a researcher on race and gender violence, and look at the state of gun control with Nick Suplina, managing director for law and policy at Everytown for Gun Safety.
Posted: January 24, 2023, 1:15 pm
7 Killed in Half Moon Bay as California Suffers 3 Mass Shootings in 3 Days, Death Toll in Monterey Park Shooting Rises to 11 as Authorities Name Some Victims , Video Shows Memphis Cops Brutally Beat Tyre Nichols “Like a Human Piñata”, Jury Finds Four More Oath Keepers Guilty of Seditious Conspiracy, Ex-FBI Official Charles McGonigal Indicted over Ties to Russian Billionaire, Nuclear-Capable Warplanes Join U.S. and Israel in War Games Simulating Strikes on Iran, Palestinian Bedouins Resist Calls by Israeli Lawmakers to Demolish Their Village, President Lula Fires Brazil’s Army Commander in Wake of January 8 Riots, Brazilian Authorities Name Alleged Mastermind of Murder of Dom Phillips and Bruno Pereira, Spotify Will Slash 6% of Workforce in Latest Tech Company Layoff, Peet’s Coffee Shop in Davis, CA, Becomes Chain’s First Unionized Store , Amazon Worker Who Led Alabama Union Drive Blames Corporate Retaliation for Firing
Posted: January 24, 2023, 1:00 pm
Former British Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, Pentagon Papers whistleblower Daniel Ellsberg, famed linguist and dissident Noam Chomsky and others gave testimony Friday at the Belmarsh Tribunal in Washington, D.C., calling on President Biden to drop charges against Julian Assange. The WikiLeaks founder has been languishing for close to four years in the harsh Belmarsh prison in London while appealing extradition to the United States. If convicted in the United States, Julian Assange could face up to 175 years in jail for violating the U.S. Espionage Act for publishing documents that exposed U.S. war crimes in Iraq and Afghanistan. Friday’s event was held at the National Press Club and co-chaired by Democracy Now! host Amy Goodman. We spend the hour featuring compelling excerpts from the proceedings.
Posted: January 23, 2023, 1:10 pm
Suspected Gunman in Killing of 10 at L.A. County Dance Studio Found Dead , Germany Will “Not Stand in the Way” of Shipments of Battle Tanks to Ukraine, Over 200 Arrested as Peruvian Police Violently Raid University in Lima, Rights Groups Decry “Politically Motivated” Charges Against El Salvador Water Defenders , 100,000 March in Tel Aviv to Protest Far-Right Israeli Government , National Grid Failure Leaves 220 Million Without Power Across Pakistan, Canada to Pay $3 Billion to Settle Lawsuit over Residential School Abuses, Burkina Faso’s Military Rulers Order French Troops to Depart, FBI Discovers More Classified Documents in Biden’s Home After 12-Hour Search, U.S. Judge Orders Trump to Pay $1 Million over Frivolous Lawsuit Against Hillary Clinton and Others, UIC Faculty End Strike After Reaching Deal on Pay and Mental Health Resources for Students , ATL Police Arrest Protesters Demanding Justice for Slain Activist as Opposition to Cop City Grows, Rallies Take Place Across U.S. on 50th Anniversary of Roe v. Wade, 7 Months After Ruling Overturned
Posted: January 23, 2023, 1:00 pm
We look at calls for police accountability in Los Angeles, where officers killed three men of color within 48 hours earlier this month, including 31-year-old Black school teacher Keenan Anderson, who died hours after he was repeatedly tasered. We speak with Anderson’s cousin Patrisse Cullors, a Black Lives Matter co-founder, who has joined in protests over the police killings. “The last two weeks have been a nightmare,” says Cullors. “No human being deserves to die in fear, to die publicly humiliated and without their dignity.”
Posted: January 20, 2023, 1:47 pm
We get an update on calls for an independent investigation into the Atlanta police killing of an activist during a violent raid Wednesday on a proposed $90 million training facility in a public forest, known by opponents to the facility as “Cop City.” Law enforcement officers — including a SWAT team — were violently evicting protesters who had occupied a wooded area outside the center when they shot and killed longtime activist Manuel Terán, who went by the name “Tortuguita.” Police claim they were fired on, though protesters dispute this account. We hear a statement from an Atlanta forest defender about what happened, and speak with Kamau Franklin, an anti-“Cop City” activist and the founder of the Atlanta organization Community Movement Builders.
Posted: January 20, 2023, 1:32 pm
In Washington, D.C., human rights and free speech advocates gather today for the Belmarsh Tribunal, focused on the imprisonment of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. Assange has been languishing for close to four years in the harsh Belmarsh prison in London while appealing extradition to the United States on espionage charges. If convicted, Assange could face up to 175 years in jail for publishing documents that exposed war crimes in Iraq and Afghanistan. Five major news organizations that once partnered with WikiLeaks recently called on the Biden administration to drop charges against Assange. We speak to British MP and former Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn, who is in Washington, D.C., to participate in the Belmarsh Tribunal, about Assange and freedom of the press. We also cover the state of leftism around the globe, from labor rights in the U.K. and Europe to the war in Ukraine, to political unrest in Brazil and Peru.
Posted: January 20, 2023, 1:13 pm
U.S. Pledges Armored Vehicles to Ukraine but Stops Short of Sending Heavy Tanks, Peru’s Interim President Says Protests “Will Not Go Unpunished” as Death Toll Rises to 50, Over 1 Million March Across France as Unions Strike to Oppose Cuts to Pensions, U.K. Public Sector Unions Plan Work Stoppage over Proposed Anti-Strike Law, Israeli Supreme Court Orders Netanyahu to Fire Minister over Criminal Convictions, U.S. Reaffirms “Bone Deep” Commitment to Israel After Two Palestinians Shot Dead in Jenin Raid, Harvard Restores Fellowship to Former HRW Director Who Criticized Israel’s Human Rights Abuses, Colombia to End New Government Contracts for Oil and Gas Drilling, Two Indigenous Pataxó Land Defenders Shot Dead in Brazil, SCOTUS Fails to Identify Leaker of Dobbs Decision, Which Overturned Roe v. Wade, Texas Prisoners in Second Week of Hunger Strike Protesting Solitary Confinement , Alec Baldwin, “Rust” Armorer to Face Manslaughter Charges in Death of Halyna Hutchins, Google Lays Off 12,000 Workers Amid Steep Job Cuts in Tech , David Crosby, Legendary Singer-Songwriter, Dies at 81
Posted: January 20, 2023, 1:00 pm
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