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Phony Songs that never happened, but I wish they could have.

Here is my list of groups that don’t exist and their latest hits (that don’t exist either!).

  • Frank Lopelo and the Weeping Donkeys performing their latest single “I ride alone”.
  • Chester Sclammet and the Lowtown Grumblers singing “Get off my Porch!”
  • Shank Krepper and the Sad Valley Trio with their cover of: “I don’t Eat Peaches Anymore”
  • Elwin Puckert and the Leaping Tolos performing their new hit single “Get Down and Stay There!”
  • Chas GLank and the Crunchy Quartet with their version of: “We don’t take no Wooden Nickels!”
  • Leonard Orango and his band of Misfits singing “Help me with this body”
  • Suzy Snapdragon and the All Girls Marching Venetian Band singing “Don’t close us out!”
  • Fenn Tapero and the Silent Seven humming “Eh Eh, OO, OO, DUMMMMMM”
  • Mickey Pandofradaro and the Chiggy Brothers performing “You are as Fat as a Pineapple”
  • Ned Gloobler and the twisted crank brothers performing their underground hit “I like it when you aren’t here”
  • Chank Skorpelo and the Grarbler Trio singing their new release: “Hey dumbo, get off the road.”
  • Eddie Pulser and the Erroneous Clones covering a Melba Cobbler tune: “I don’t like your shoes”
  • Ed Newsler and the Dumpy Boys singing “I eat whatever I want”
  • Leeman Snuck and the Dan Blokey Trio featuring their new release “Hey Mac, get a life”
  • Chuck Clamper and The Soiled Boys sings “I don’t know how it happened”
  • Chenk Gluber and his Band of Losers with a song they hope will sell “I don’t know anything”
  • Mary Spankola and The Rotten Klones singing “Love is like a Mule”
  • Chad Garbonzo and the Farango Brothers performing their latest hit “I got a broken knee bone”
  • Cheesy Snorkwaller and the Fast Girls Band performing an old favorite: “I like it when you talk funny”.
  • Chelbot Torknallo and his singing mule Nelson in their debut performance of “Buck me Baby”
  • Eddy Tostango and the Unfortunate Trio improvising their new hit “I am so lost”
  • Jack Longtoes and the Awkward Shoes Trio presenting a new rendition of an old favorite: “Get your Stuff and Go!”
  • The Salsa Suckers Band featuring Jack Morkona playing their instrumental smash hit: “Hey you are all wet”
  • Manclock Dorfwaller and the Gapstones singing “Down again and feeling all muddy”
  • Debbelo Carslong and the All Cheese Band singing “I am so Tangy”

I may look like a geek, but really I am a super cool dude!
I love to read and play fun games. My favorite foods are hot dogs, cheezies and skittles.
I have an I.Q. of 185

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