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Reality TV Strikes Back

Foreigners observing the Presidency of Donald Trump are incredulous. How did the American public become so delusional that they elected a reality TV star with no experience in government to head the government of the most powerful nation on the planet? There is, of course, the shared delusion of a public who believes in their choice and the chosen one who has sufficient hubris to believe he is knowledgeable and competent. There is plenty of delusion to go ’round.

These same foreigners wonder how the American public can continue to support a President who is a bigot, a misogynist and a serial liar. They wonder about his continuous attacks on the foundations of American democracy. How can a President who has no respect for the rule of law and uses his position to personally profit and reward those who only offer fealty, continue to hold office?

The delusions created by reality tv are clearly very strong and persistent. Add to that the continuous stream of social media faux-facts and a feckless or fawning news media and here we are. Reality tv has succeeded in demolishing reality itself.


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