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The Garneau

The building now known as “The Garneau” is a condominium development that has gone through several incarnations throughout its history.

The original structure that became St. Joseph’s Hospital was constructed in 1912 as an apartment building known as the “Whyte Block” which stood on the corner of Whyte Ave. and 107 street.

In 1927, the Whyte Block was purchased by the Sisters of Providence of St. Vincent De Paul, undergoing a two year renovation which culminated in its re-opening as a home for the aged. In 1930, it became St. Joseph’s Hospital for the Chronically Ill.

The building which we see above was constructed in 1948 and renovated in 1955 to add two additional floors to the original four. The “Whyte Block” building was demolished in 1963.

St. Joseph’s hospital operated on this site until it ceased operations on Whyte avenue in 1993 and moved to its current location on 29th Avenue.

The current building has been fully renovated and is now a condominium development.

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