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The Shallow State of Donald Trump

First off, a tip of the hat to my old pal Donnie Drunkard for blundering into a great phrase. Donnie was the first to coin the phrase “The Shallow State”. Good on you Donnie, but unfortunately, that realization is more of tragedy than a comedy.

One of the more amusing things about the Trump phenomenon is watching his supporters, often dubbed Trumpists, try to rationalize their support for the empty suit that is Donald Trump. One wonders how it is possible that his supporters have yet to figure out that Trump’s primary skill is his ability to bullshit. Combine that skill with hubris, which is the over amped and unjustified self-confidence he embodies; add to that, arrogance and ignorance and you have the shallow state of Donald Trump.

So in the Trump recipe, we have a huge pile of bullshit, a heap of hubris, a dash of arrogance, a soupcon of bigotry and an overarching concern for self-image, producing a steaming pile of Trump. Served hot or cold, this dish is vile.

What do the Trumpists see in all of this? Are they clinging to some fantasy about the good old days? Are they buying the lying politician’s promise of a chicken in every pot? Are they giving into their fears about losing their white country to those of darker complexion? Do they believe their economic hardships will be solved by an entitled, arrogant rich man’s son who operates primarily for the benefit of himself and his family? Has Fox News finally won the war on intelligence and delivered us into the hands of the ignorant and the uninformed? In other words, WTF!!!!

The bad news about Trump is that he is not the disease, he is merely a symptom. A cancerous lump can be removed but is the cancer gone? The cure may require more of a systematic approach.

For America to heal, it must live up to its own ideals of freedom, justice and egalitarianism. A nation of immigrants must come together as one and heal its divides. It will also require a hard look at how well the entrenched political and corporate elites have served their country. They have not, they have served themselves and pointed their fingers at the disempowered as the guilty parties for the continuing economic downslide that has created much hardship for the middle class.

These recognitions and the solutions that come out of them will take some time and may well be painful, but if America is to survive as a nation, they are necessary.






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