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Friday, October 22, 2021

Useful Idiots, Conspiracy Theories and the Death of Critical Thinking

The current global pandemic has induced a stress which has shown us many things. One clear revelation is that how people have responded to...

Just say No to Driving Passports!

The government is trying to control us! You think those vaccine passports are bad? Think again! Just the other day I had to renew my...

The Tick Tock of Time

You spend the first period of life on offense, the second period in sports that may not be sports and the last period playing...

Election Fever

In the next couple months we’ll be whipped into a frenzy by election fever. The Canadian Political Wrestling Federation will hold televised debates...


Gardens are a time-honoured tradition, which in the past served to nourish larger families than there are now and save on grocery bills. Victory...
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