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Sociopathy for Fun and Profit

Hello all my loyal friends and course subscribers! I am thrilled to announce a new (and very important!) course series from the Moople Academy for Advance Learning (MAFAL).

At MAFAL your success is our biggest concern, ok maybe our second biggest concern after lining our own pockets, but we are still concerned ok?

Today we are announcing our a new series of courses that will put you on the path to success and make you an unstoppable force.

We will train you how to get rid of all those self-limiting feelings like empathy, compassion and remorse and teach you how to enrich yourself at the expense of others. Let’s face it, you deserve their money and they don’t deserve to keep it if they can’t hang on to it, right? Why should you feel bad about that? You shouldn’t and you won’t once you have completed our new course series on how to become an accomplished sociopath.

Sociopathy is not bad at all! Look at all the hugely successful people on the planet. What do they have in common? Simple answer: they are sociopaths! They have learned how to suppress empathy, compassion and remorse to allow themselves to do whatever it takes to be successful and you can too!

We are dedicated to the proposition that sociopathy can be learned. Sure some folks are lucky enough to be born that way, but if you aren’t, you can become a sociopath by practicing what will we teach in our new course series.

Here is just a sampler of what you can look forward to:

Course 1: The Basics
1. How to ignore the concerns of others
2. Only your concerns matter
3. Guilt is for losers
4. Don’t worry be happy (while standing on someone else’s neck)
5. Lies aren’t lies if you believe them

I am betting you are already excited! Course 1 is just the beginning! We offer a full series of 8 courses all for the very low price of $1400 per course or buy the whole bundle for the incredible price of $5600, that’s a 50% savings! How can anyone resist that! So act now, this fantastic price is only in effect until you finish reading this article!

Sign up today and become the sociopath you have always wanted to be. Say goodbye to guilt! Say goodbye to empathy! Say goodbye to your conscience! All of those things are just impediments to sociopathy and sociopathy equals success!

Thank you for you kind attention and I hope to see you in class soon!

Fred Moople
Sociopath in Chief

I may look like a geek, but really I am a super cool dude!
I love to read and play fun games. My favorite foods are hot dogs, cheezies and skittles.
I have an I.Q. of 185

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