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Edmonton Settlers

Names for Stuff

As you know, dear readers, I am a keen observer of culture and cultural shifts, when I am not busy hanging out with my hommies.

I have heard rumours that the Washington Redskins football team will be changing their name to make it less offensive. How about the Washington Wingnuts?

In other news, the Edmonton Eskimos football club has finally decided to rebrand their organization as “The Edmonton Settlers”. They also considered:

  • The Edmonton Crackers
  • The Edmonton Honkies
  • The Edmonton Gringos

They finally settled on the “Edmonton Settlers” since it is more in line with their current and historical naming conventions.

Go Settlers!

Big Bobby Fakey has been making up stuff since he convinced his grade 3 teacher, Mrs. Bell, that he was in a CIA spy training program for kids. He told her it works so well since nobody would believe an 8 year old could be a spy. He hasn't done homework since!

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