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Fudge Walking

At the Moople Academy for Advanced Learning, we take personal growth and development very seriously. Our head instructor Ted Mobile has just created a brand new course that I know you are going to love… Fudge Walking! That’s right Fudge Walking!

You have no doubt heard about fire walking and walking on broken glass to develop your focus and concentration, but let’s face it that can result in either burnt up or chopped up toes. Here at the Moople Academy for Advanced Learning we want you to gain all of the value of these experience without losing a toe or even a toenail.

Our chief Fudge Walk instructor, Ted Mobile has designed a fudge imbued course that will test you and build you into the kind of person you want to become: fearless, steadfast and able to handle the hottest and stickiest fudges. You will need to really be on your toes to handle this course. Fudge can be challenging and when you add chopped walnuts to the mix it can be downright abrasive!

Some of our course graduates have given us feedback on this new and wonderful mode of personal development.

“At first I was hesitant since I had had a serious fudge-related injury as a child, but with the encouragement of my instructor and my classmates, I was able to finish the full course and then let my boyfriend Eddy suck all the leftover fudge off my toes. It was a wonderful experience and I would recommend it highly and the fudge walking was good too.”
Ellen Sulstad, Loman Point, Arizona
“Sometimes you just have to trust yourself and dive in head first, even if you are supposed to be walking. Once I got back up on my feet the fudge felt so nice and squishy as I walked triumphantly to the end of the course. My classmates cheered my every step and now I am not longer afraid of my stepmother!”
Leroy Condon, Chapps Market, Idaho

As you can no doubt tell the value and personal growth received by our class participants was almost unlimited. Get involved and contact the Moople Academy for Advanced Learning today! You will be glad you did!

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