Just say No to Driving Passports!


The government is trying to control us! You think those vaccine passports are bad? Think again!
Just the other day I had to renew my drivers license. I was forced to take a medical exam they called a “vision test”.

I then had to reveal the results of that test, i.e. my personal medical information, to government agents in order to get my driver’s license. If I don’t do that I can’t drive to the restaurant, the bar, church or even a rodeo!

This has to stop our freedoms are on the line!

It gets worse, these government bastards have even erected signs and signals at intersections in my neighbourhood to control when I can or cannot proceed! Our freedoms are at stake!

Tell me why these government pricks should tell me I can only drive on one side of the road. My tax dollars paid for that road, so I should damn well be able to drive on the left hand side if I so choose!

Don’t even get me started on one way streets.

We are at a crisis, time for action, this must stop!


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