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Toxic Trump – What to do?

As of November 12, 2022 the US midterm elections are still in doubt, even though election day is four days in the past.

There does seem to be one certainty however, the epoch of Donald Trump is coming to a close.

The Republican party has been held hostage by Trump and his MAGA minions for years. The Mandate was a simple one: take the knee and worship at the feet of Donald Trump or see your political future decline.  This has been demonstrated over and over by those apparently buying into the “big lie” that the last presidential election was stolen.  It is hard to believe that those who have supported this nonsense do no realize that it is nonsense, and that they are simply acting out of political expediency.

Given the tepid results of the current mid-term election and the absence of the predicted “red wave”, Trump may have committed the only crime the Republicans are willing to punish, which is, his contribution to the deterioration of their political power.

Of course, this is a sticky problem for Republicans who have worshipped at the feet of Trump for years. How do they now say he is toxic and needs to go, after years of saying the opposite?

Perhaps it would be easier if the demise of Trump was some plot executed by their political opponents? They might claim that the Democrats have relentlessly savaged their fearless leader and left them with no option but to jettison him in favor of someone else. Of course, they will do so with great regret, claiming they have little choice since, after all, the only thing that matters is ensuring their own political power.

Pardon my cynicism, but it is hard to imagine that the Republican party would actually come clean and admit that the end of Trump is due to his own personal failings, augmented by their own failure to stand for principle over power.

I will not miss the Trump era, it has been a very sad commentary on how unprincipled politics can be.

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