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New Sayings in the Age of Trump

Hello all my loyal followers and students from the Moople Academy for Advanced Learning. I am happy to report that we are now offering a new course to help our students understand the current lexicon used in the age of Trump. It is clear to us at the Moople Academy for Advanced Learning that words don’t mean what they used to. As a public service we are offering a sneak peak at our new course:

Talking like Trump
“Language in the Age of Trump”
In the first section of the course we address common english idioms and how these are now expressed in Trumpian speak.
Here are few examples from our super-duper course:
Original Saying Trumpified Saying
Waking Up on the Wrong Side of the Bed Waking Up in Pee Soaked Sheets
Spill the Beans Spill all over Twitter
Show Your True Colors Call in to Fox and Friends
Saved by the Bell Saved by a $130,000 Payoff
Run Amok Just Another Day at the Whitehouse
Rule of Thumb Whatever I say is true
Rub the Wrong Way

Rubbing is good, so is grabbing
Let Your Hair Down Hair? That’s hair?
Go the Whole 9 Yards Lie and then lie about your lies
Eat Humble Pie

Humble Pie is the Best Pie, there is no better pie
Caught Red-Handed There is No Collusion

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