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Normalizing the Abnormal

This should be a fairy tale, starting with:

A long time ago in a kingdom called the USA, the king decided, since he was king, that he was not accountable to anyone and he could lie with impunity. The king hired court jesters called ‘lawyers’ who helped him to convince the world that his abnormality was normal. The jesters travelled throughout the land trying to convince everyone that abnormality was normal, lies are truth and the king was a really good guy.

Seriously folks, Trump’s new court jester, Rudy Giuliani, has gone on a media campaign recently to convince the world that lawyers payoff porn stars and other troublemakers without revealing the details of such payoffs and without pre-approving them with the client. Really? If your lawyer spent your money without seeking your approval and telling you precisely why such payments were necessary, would you be ok with that? Would you be happy about reimbursing your lawyer? What if the lawyer subsequently said that the payoff was made in spite of the fact that the allegations made by the payee were false, would that sit well with you?

Why the fairy tale analogy? It is hard to express how ludicrous the current lies emanating from the Trump circle have become. Only in some twisted fairy tale, does any of this make sense.

Trump and his supporters have come a long way in normalizing bigotry, misogyny and xenophobia and now they want us to believe that the criminal behaviour of his personal lawyer is ok too. This should be laughable, but sadly it still resides in the frame of the bigger lie of Trump’s populist claims that he is seeking to benefit his country when he seeks only to polish his own image and enrich his brand.

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