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Reality TV Strikes Back

Foreigners observing the Presidency of Donald Trump are incredulous. How did the American public become so delusional that they elected a reality TV star with no experience in government to head the government of the most powerful nation on the…

Time to Stop Laughing

The recent changes (March/2018) at the White House indicate that Donald Trump is busy removing anyone who might disagree with him and replacing those individuals with sycophants. This is incredibly dangerous. Good leaders need strong people around them who can…

Donald Clump

Proof he has grassroots support and he is not afraid to get down and dirty!  

Your Best Friend – A Service from Fred

I am thrilled to announce for all those celebrities who face continual embarrassments and faux-pas that I, Fred Moople have a solution to your problem. It is very simple, you the celebrity are surrounded by people who are riding on…

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