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Time to Stop Laughing

The recent changes (March/2018) at the White House indicate that Donald Trump is busy removing anyone who might disagree with him and replacing those individuals with sycophants. This is incredibly dangerous. Good leaders need strong people around them who can effectively debate proposed policies and initiatives rather than just act as cheerleaders. Without counterbalance, leadership quickly becomes unbalanced.

Many who offer critical opinions of Donald Trump are primarily seeing his actions as laughable. While that may be true, what is also true is that they are dangerous and threaten the very fabric of American democracy.

There are also those who believe the institutions of democracy are strong enough to survive an assault from leadership that is unhinged and ignorant. That opinion is naive. Democracy is maintained by the people it serves actively demanding that it’s institutions are respected and maintained. The people of Germany know this only too well. A great democracy was hijacked by a movement that wrapped itself in the flag and used the fear of the other (in the case of Germany it was the jews) to build its coalition and render democracy asunder. Americans must not be lulled into thinking “it can never happen here”, because it can.

While this may seem alarmist, the stage is being set for the loss of American democracy.

Noam Chomsky described the Republican Party as “the most dangerous organisation in human history” and he asks: “Has there ever been an organisation in human history that is dedicated, with such commitment, to the destruction of organised human life on Earth?”. He is not being hyperbolic. The American government is now in the hands of this dangerous organisation and has a leader completely ignorant of democratic traditions and operating out of his own unhinged views.

Yes it’s time to stop laughing.

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