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The Deep State

I am back and I have some important information for Donald Trump. I just powered down my 14th beer of the day and I am in fine form. Thanks to Bob’s Beer and Billiards for sponsoring this blog post.

Ok, let’s get down to it.

You have heard a lot about the “deep state”. What the hell is that?

The short answer: it’s all those career military and intelligence dudes that are running the country based on their own agendas. They don’t care about you and me, they care about their own stuff.

We are so lucky to have an antidote to the deep state in Donald J. Trump. Donald Trump is the epitome of the shallow state and therefore he can fight the deep state. The shallow state of Donald Trump knows almost nothing about history, politics and governance so he doesn’t get the deep state at all. He cares about his self image and that’s it. So those deep state losers can just take a hike. The shallow state rules!

You go Donnie. Tell those deep staters that you are looking at how to make yourself look good, because in the end, what else matters? Speaking personally, I get better looking after every beer I drink and so does everybody else, so I totally get the shallow state.

I am coming out with a line of t-shirts and hats in support of my pal Donald and the shallow state. How about these new sayings:

  • Let’s make America Shallow Again!
  • Shallow and Proud!
  • So Shallow, I will never drown
  • Shallow beats Deep
  • Shallower than you bucko

Stay tuned for how you can pick up the new merch with those cool sayings on them, and to my pal Donald I say: “Don’t change buddy stay shallow!’



Donnie Drunkard stumbled into the Old Strathcona offices on his way to the bar and he has never left. Too bad we decided to put a keg in the coffee room. Donnie sees the world through an alcoholic haze, and is convinced that he is a stable genius.

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