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Why I am so Smart

Hello all you dumb bastards! You know why I am so smart?
I am smart ’cause I got a degree and I can teach people and tell them why I know more than they do.
But let me be clear. I was born smart, smarter than the dumb bastards I teach and talk to.
What makes you smart is the ability to believe in yourself no matter what happens to you or what others tell you.
When you have those kind of smarts, no one can touch you.
Furthermore, those who don’t fit  into the status quo, or are marginalized, are that way because they were not born smart, like me.

I look forward to telling you more stuff (and of course charging you a fee for that), because I am just so damn smart and you dummies will be buying it (literally).

Let me offer a moment of clarity for you. The status quo, no matter what it is, is always right because God and evolution made it that way. So stop trying to change things ’cause you shouldn’t and you will just get everybody all confused and cause a huge amount of chaos.

Sure I get angry when people are saying and doing stuff that I disagree with, because I am entitled to be angry ’cause I am smart and always right and they are stupid and always wrong!

I am totally justified in being abusive to others when I don’t approve of them, because I am the ultimate judge of right and wrong ’cause I am so smart!

JoeDog is our resident pseudo-intellectual and the master of psycho-babble.
We are amazed how good he is at convincing his loyal followers that he is some kind of genius,.

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