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Projectile Vomiting

Sure this is an odd topic, but it has a certain fascination.

I remember watching the first exorcist movie and thinking that possessed girl could really blow a mean chunk. I mean, when she kicked back, the vomit came out a like it was coming out of firehose. Very impressive in volume and velocity. I have never managed to get even close to that, even during a serious drinking binge.

Recently, I watched magician David Blaine, spew water out of his gut to put out a fire he started by first spewing and igniting a flammable liquid. An impressive performance for sure. So clearly, projectile vomiting is a learned skill and therefore can be practised.

If I really wanted to be good at it, I am sure I could, and lately I feel the urge to blow lunch when I watch Donald Trump speeches. One wonders how often his audience members have let lose with a spray of technicolor puke, as he rambles on. That makes for an interesting, if somewhat bizarre image. Whole audience spontaneously vomiting during a speech. That would be something to see.

Dare to dream.

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