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Trump and Russia

The Trump-Russia debate has become clouded, since there are differing points of view depending on the particular outlook. It is important to recognize that each point of view may have some validity and at the same time may be over-amped for particular political or ideological reasons.

The Democratic Party has pushed the Trump-Russia election collusion point of view since it is a wonderful distraction from their own failures as a political party. There may well have been some attempt by Russian actors to influence the election through social media activity and the provision of information to the Trump campaign, however, it is unlikely that any of that was decisive in the outcome of the election. What is more likely is that the Democratic party failed to provide the electorate with a candidate and policies they could support and their base just didn’t show up at the polls. Low voter turnout favored the Trump campaign.

Russian scholars point out that the American fear of Russia is somewhat irrational and much could be gained by more dialog and less saber rattling. This is a valid position, but fails to affirm that there may well be some unsavory issues around Donald Trump and Russian money.

Progressives and much of the right wing are united in their view that the whole Trump-Russia thing is made up, and there is nothing to see. While they may be on point on political collusion, they have probably missed the mark on Trump’s business dealings related to Russian sourced money.

The bottom line is that to understand all of this, you need only understand that Donald Trump is motivated only by self-aggrandisement, self-promotion and the promotion of the Trump brand. In short, follow the money. The increasing discomfort Trump is experiencing would indicate that he knows a full investigation that spills over into his personal and business financial operations could completely upset the Trump applecart. If it can be shown that he has engaged in shady dealings with Russian sourced money, his political career and business life may end rather abruptly. It is hard to imagine that any of this will end well for Donald Trump.

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